Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Discussion topic - school dress codes

Today dress codes seem to be a popular topic, frequently showing up on Twitter or Facebook as someone ranting. Although dress codes help schools control students and help set the bar between whats appropriate and what is not. How much is too much? School have been known to make rules such as no spaghetti straps and shorts longer than your finger tips. But most rules are set for girls, and not every girl has the same body. Has a shoulder ever been distracting to you? Probably not, most dress codes are absolutely ridiculous and can make girls feel less of an equal than boys. In this Buzzfeed story a women tried eight different high schools dress codes for a week, and found it terrifyingly hard. She states how much stress she was put through just trying to pick out and outfit for the day, and how stressful it must be for the girls to go through the entire day worried about being dress coded.
Should school uniforms be used more frequently in public schools? Because of many dress codes and stress given to students about what is appropriate and what is not should school uniforms be the ultimate answer? These uniforms could fix many distractions and issues throughout the school. Such as less distraction when it comes time for academic work or minimize bullying due to someones outfit of choice, says Frontier Academy . Although uniforms may seem plain and boring they could prevent various issues that happen throughout the school day.
As times change and outfit choice changes, more school have turned to uniforms or tighter dress code policies. Uniforms and tighter dress codes have proven to bring down violence and aggression through the school. How would BHS benefit from a tighter dress code? What would the positives and negatives be if BHS got uniforms?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Who owns our reality ?

Although traditional media is becoming less common for example newspapers, it still plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Without basic news outlets we would not be able to know whats happening around us. Although modern sources like cellphones have taken over media some old techniques are still used, such as radio. I believe the radio broadcasting news will never die out just because it is at our finger tips.
we have a problem as the media gets bigger and technology advances, we get to choose what we see and when we see it. We can choose the information we want even if it is not true or gives the full story. There are many hoax sources that don't give you the full story and that can harm us. For example any celebrity magazine, the information is there but is it correct? The problem with these sources such as TMZ and E! Entertainment is that they give the story but leave out important facts and statements. This draws people in because the headlines are usually sound appealing. This is how they get views and ratings.
      Today with all the news online and all the varying opinions sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between real honest news and what is a joke. The Onion is a common sight that easily gets taken the wrong way. It is the reader's job to educate themselves and know what is real and what is fake. In today's society the common person owns our reality.

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